What is Pediatric Specialty Care Medical Day at Danville?

Pediatric Specialty Care Medical Day at Danville or “PSC Medical Day” is a specially developed daycare program, designed to meet the needs of medically fragile children. This program not only offers skilled nursing in a safe and nurturing environment but also promotes growth, development, and socialization.

What are the childhood conditions that can be managed at the Medical Day Program?

PSC Medical Day can support children with special healthcare needs with various diagnoses.  Some of the needs range from technology dependency of oxygen administration, feeding tubes, IVs, tracheostomy care and/or ventilator management to medication administration, diabetic protocols and seizure management.

What are the benefits of my child attending Pediatric Specialty Care Medical Day?

The benefit of your child attending PSC Medical Day is the comfort of knowing you will have highly qualified, dedicated, and consistent nursing Monday through Friday for up to 12 hours/day.  In collaboration with you and your child’s primary care physician, an individualized care plan will be developed and structured programs available throughout the day to nurture their development.  Your child’s prescribed medications and treatments will be delivered by experienced, reliable healthcare professionals.  Ongoing assessments will be completed throughout the day and daily summaries will be provided to enhance communication.

What programs/activities are available for my child?

At PSC Medical Day, your child will be exposed to developmentally and age-appropriate programs and activities. These programs will encourage growth and development and peer interaction so they can meet their fullest potential.  Daily activities could consist of circle time, arts and crafts, music, and sensory play as well as lots of laughs, cuddles and outdoor play (weather permitting).

What is the staffing at Pediatric Specialty Daycare?

Staffing at PSC Medical Day consists of pediatric nursing, both RNs and LPNs, as well as childcare workers.  At a minimum, there will be 1 direct care worker for every 3 children with a 1:6 ratio for nursing.

Is there a doctor affiliated with the day care?

Yes, PSC Medical Day has a Medical Director to provide program supervision and oversight.  The Medical Director will coordinate, consult and advise the team over care and treatment of the children attending PSC Medical Day.  This position will also support quality assurance initiatives and play an integral role in policy and procedure development and review.

How would my child qualify?

Services for PSC Medical Day must be prescribed by your child’s primary care physician.  In order to qualify, your child must be medically and/or technology dependent. Aside from your child requiring skilled nursing care, primary caretakers must be employed or attending school.

How do the services get paid for?

 The services offered by PSC Medical Day are funded by insurance, both commercial plans and Medicaid.  Along with your child’s primary care physician, PSC Medical Day can support these efforts in getting services approved.

What are the hours of operation?

PSC Medical Day is opened from 6:30AM to 6:30PM Monday to Friday.

How is the center licensed?

PSC Medical Day is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health as a Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Center or PPECC.

Are meals and snacks provided?

At PSC Medical Day, both breakfast and lunch are provided as needed as well as snacks throughout the day.  Parents are able to send in meals and/or snacks, but know that PSC can supply your child’s nutritional needs.

Is there the ability to accommodate special diets?

Yes, PSC Medical Day can accommodate special diets.  During the assessment process, this will be evaluated and discussed in-depth with the team so the individual care plan can be developed accordingly.

Can my child come to the Medical Day Program if he/she is sick?

PSC Medical Day’s top priority is to keep your child safe and healthy.  In order to do so we take the necessary precautions, with infection control protocols in place.  Any child who is sick or has symptoms of an infectious condition may not attend PSC Medical Day.  As an example, any child experiencing an infectious illness must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to the center.

Is transportation provided?

PSC Medical Day offers transportation within a certain radius, please speak to the program’s administration for more information.

Who cares for the child while being transported to the daycare?

If utilizing PSC Medical Day transportation, a driver and a nurse will accompany your child as they are safely transported to and from the program.

Please contact Pediatric Specialty Care with any other questions you may have