Developing Future plans for Outdoor Playground

Pediatric Specialty at Danville - Staff With Happy Child

According to eparent.com, there are 6 Reasons Outdoor Play Is Crucial For Children With Special Needs. These include:

  • Building and Maintaining Social Skills

  • Developing Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Providing Sensory Opportunities For Increased Stimulation

  • Encouraging Positive And Healthy Independence

  • Exploring And Investigating Through Creative Play

  • Making Learning Interesting and Engaging

PSC is working closely with reputable local playground architect experts to develop plans and install an outdoor play area, that is accessible and inclusive. All aspects of outdoor play for PSC children, ages 6 weeks to age 8 will be considered, including tactile, visual, auditory, proprioception, vestibular, motor planning, cooperative play, movement & social involvement. Our team is excited for this future playground installation, and looks forward to engaging the children in outdoor interactive play. Stay tuned for updates!