Exclusive Youth Art Collection Brings Vibrancy to PSC Medical Day

Pediatric Specialty at Danville - Youth Art Collection

PSC Medical Day is pleased to introduce an exclusive curated collection of wall art that adorns the hallways and rooms of its building. This collection includes 32 pieces of art donated by Pennsylvania young artists, ranging from grades K-12. Fresh Artists has created a national collection of children’s art donated by more than 2,300 K-12 children in low-income schools to deliver art materials and innovative art programs to public schools suffering from cuts in arts funding. Large reproductions of this vibrant art transform the facilities of businesses, who donate funds to support art education in public schools, into warm, inviting, colorful spaces. It is a unique partnership where the children fulfill a business’ need for interior decoration while raising funds for future art-making in under-resourced schools. Fresh Artists estimates that in 12 years, more than a million children have been impacted through fresh art materials and innovative art-making programs. Fresh Artists believes that “Art has the power to change lives…ALL kids need and deserve a robust art-making program in their schools.” For more information on Fresh Artists, visit www.freshartists.org