PSC After School Care Program

Pediatric Specialty at Danville - Inside The Facility

After-school care can be a challenge for any family, but what happens when you add the special challenges families with medically fragile children face? Having already stepped-in to help these families by providing an appropriate Medical Daycare option, PSC Medical Day is excited to offer an after-school care program specially designed for children with complex medical needs!

Our team of highly qualified childcare and medical professionals have cared for children with a wide range of chronic medical conditions and developmental challenges. Our facility is equipped with gym space, outdoor play spaces, and state-of-the-art equipment to provide children with an enriching and safe after-school experience. In addition to meeting their care needs, we also offer exciting activities and engaging educational support!

Our after-school care program is specifically designed for children up to 8 years old. To see more photos and learn more about PSC activities, visit our Facebook Pages. If you think our after-school program may be the right fit for your child, please contact Pediatric Specialty Care Medical Day at Danville at 570-284-4387 to discuss enrollment.

Pediatric Specialty at Danville - Happy Child in Afterschool Program
Pediatric Specialty at Danville - Happy Child in Afterschool Program